tattoo aftercare

Remove the bandage after I-4 hours when you’re in a clean place to wash your tattoo properly

Wash your hands first then gently wash the tattoo

Take special care to remove any excess ointment, ink, or dried blood

Dry the tattoo area by blotting with a clean, dry towel or preferably paper towels

Repeat the last two steps 3-5 times for the first 24 hours

After the first 24 hrs wash your tattoo a minimum of 3 times per day. Especially if the area becomes sweaty or dirty

Allow 15 minutes to air dry and apply a small amount of fragrance-free, aftercare product recommended by your artist

Repeat the last two steps daily for 2-3 weeks until fully healed

Do not Scratch or pick at your tattoo

Do not submerge in water or swim

Do not expose to direct sunlight

After fully healed use sunscreen liberally to maintain the vibrancy of your tattoo anytime it’s exposed to the sun

If you’ve got any questions or concerns please contact your artist

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